Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017 02:26PM EST

My plan just updated, why did my times get slower?

Your plan will update periodically throughout the program based on your inputted data before the program began and your training during the program. The goal is to get you into a plan that better matches your fitness and gives you a more realistic finish time.  It is challenging to forecast how some runners will respond to training if they entered the plan with little training background and no previous races. Some runners will adapt quickly and start running faster than their times while others will not.  These latter types of runners may see more fluctuations in their program as they start up.  When we review plans, we check to see that runners are at the correct intensity (i.e. RPE) for their given workouts and that they are handling the volume well.  We are always more than happy to review your plan and make sure it is an appropriate fit and help to explain why.  One new feature that is very helpful is our Runner Matches (Analysis Section).  You can compare your training characteristics versus other runners who went through the Virtual Trainer AND ran your goal time!