Last Updated: Mar 06, 2019 10:48AM EST

Why did New York Road Runners open the NYRR RUNCENTER and what happened to the 89th Street building?

New York Road Runners' mission to help and inspire people through running has been brought to life in this community running center. This center serves as a gathering place for runners of all ages and abilities. The NYRR RUNCENTER's central location was chosen because it is convenient to public transportation, which allows access for runners from all five boroughs and beyond. It's a space that can accommodate the ever-growing running community, while serving as a social hub for runners and a resource center for the community at large. The multi-purpose NYRR RUNCENTER acts as a classroom, a relaxation and recovery zone, and an event space.

Our 89th Street building was the hub of NYRR’s operations and runner services for over three decades. We grew a lot during those years, serving more and more runners and transitioning our operations to administrative offices in Midtown and warehouses in the Bronx. Eventually, we outgrew our 89th Street building. This is a natural next step for our organization.

The proceeds from the sale of our 89th Street building will be channeled toward our mission of helping and inspiring people through running, including the operation of our new NYRR RUNCENTER. Additional uses of the proceeds could include, but would not be limited to, expanding NYRR’s presence in the five boroughs, supporting city parks and schools, and adding resources for our youth running and senior programs.