Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016 05:14PM EST

What can I see on a runner's profile page?

On each runner's profile page, you can view the runner's:
  • Total number of NYRR races completed
  • Total distance raced at NYRR events
  • Best times for each distance
Visit the Results tab on a runner's profile page to see their complete list of results. This list is displayed in reverse-chronological order (with the most recent results shown first), and the list can be filtered by year and by distance.

On the Compare tab, you can search for up to two additional runners to view their results side-by-side.

By selecting the Runner Overview option on the left-side menu, you can compare the runners' total number of races run and total distance run in races, with an icon denoting the leading runner with the highest totals.

By selecting the Mutual Races option, you can compare the runners' results from one race in which they all participated. The leading runner, or the runner who finished first among the group, will have an icon denoting this next to their official time.

On this page, you can compare:
  • Official time
  • Pace per mile
  • Overall, gender, and age-group places
  • Age-graded time, place, and performance percentage