Last Updated: Mar 11, 2019 03:35PM EST

What event statistics are shown for each race?

On each event's results page, you can view the following from the Overview tab:
  • Total finishers, displayed by overall place and gender place
  • Average finishing time, displayed by overall and by gender
  • Finisher totals from each of the five boroughs
  • Oldest and youngest finishers
  • A chart of total finishers displayed by age group and gender
On the Results tab, you can view the event's finishers in order, or filter the results with these options:
  • Gender
  • Runners, pushrim wheelchairs, or handcycles
  • Age group
  • Or you can sort the results by the following data types:
    • Finish time
    • Pace per mile
    • Overall place
    • Gender place
    • Age-graded time
    • Age-graded place
    • Age-graded performance
Within the Results tab, select Expand Results on any individual runner to view their:
  • Official time and pace per mile (based on net time, from when the runner crosses the start line)
  • Gun time and place (taken from the starting horn)
  • Overall, gender, and age-group, and country places
  • Age-graded time, place, and performance percentage
  • Split times (if available)
  • A link to event photos (if available; photos are provided by a partner of New York Road Runners and become available starting the Monday after the event)