Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 10:57AM EST

What benefits will I receive by becoming a member?

Member benefits include the following:

NYRR Friend: For those who have an NYRR profile but have not opted to purchase membership ($0)
  • Friends-only newsletters
  • Friends events
  • Special offers from NYRR sponsors/partners 
  • Use of lockers at the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the New Balance Run Hub
NYRR Member: Adult: $40; Senior: $25; Junior: $25; Family: $60; Armed Service: $25; Collegiate: $25; NYRR Youth Program Leads and Assistants: $25 
Friend-level benefits, plus:
  • Up to 45% off race-entry fees
  • Up to 33% off race-entry fees for NYRR Virtual Racing Powered by Strava
  • Complimentary medal engraving for select races
  • Eligibility for TCS New York City Marathon guaranteed entry via the 9+1 program
  • Eligibility for United Airlines NYC Half guaranteed entry via the Four Out of Six program (United Airlines NYC Half, Popular Brooklyn Half, NYRR Queens 10K, NYRR Manhattan 7 Mile, New Balance Bronx 10 Mile, and NYRR Staten Island Half)
  • Two-day advance registration for select NYRR Five-Borough Series events:
  • NYRR Group Training discount
  • NYRR One-to-One Coaching discount
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Access to partner deals from partners such as Hospital for Special Surgery, West Side YMCA, Wildlife Conservation Society, and more!  
NYRR Member Plus: Adult: $100; Family: $150
Member-level benefits, plus:
  • Two-day advance registration for all non-drawing races excluding the Popular Brooklyn Half
  • Guaranteed noncomplimentary entry to the NYRR Fred Lebow Half-Marathon and the NYRR Grete’s Great Gallop 10K
  • Guaranteed, non-complimentary entry to select TCS New York City Marathon week events
  • Advance access to high-demand volunteer opportunities
NYRR Philanthropic Member: Miler: $1,000, 5K: $5,000, 10K: $10,000
Miler Member:
Member Plus-level benefits, plus:
  •  Free one-time use of NYRR Virtual Trainer program for the year
  •  Two-day advance registration for all non-drawing NYRR races, including the Popular® Brooklyn Half
  •  Eligibility for guaranteed entry to the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon, contingent on completing nine NYRR qualifying events during 2020 and maintaining an active NYRR Miler membership through December 31, 2020
  •  Premium NYRR Philanthropic Member singlet upon renewal
  •  Invitation to special annual VIP NYRR events and receptions, including select race day amenities and opportunities to hear from NYRR youth and community program participants and to meet pro athletes
  •   Two TCS New York City Marathon Grandstand Seating tickets
5K Member:
Miler Member-level benefits, plus:
  •  Guaranteed, non-complimentary entry to all NYRR races, including the TCS New York City Marathon
  •   VIP race-day amenities around the United Airlines NYC Half, the Popular® Brooklyn Half, and the TCS New York City Marathon
10K Member:
 5K Member-level benefits, plus:
  •  Guaranteed, complimentary entry to all NYRR races, including the TCS New York City Marathon
  •  Option to create a 10K Philanthropic Family membership (restrictions on certain benefits for family members under age 18). Email for more information. 

  Benefits are subject to change.