Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018 06:36PM EST

How is my corral assignment determined?

Corral assignments for our weekly races will be based on your best pace as calculated by NYRR, and each corral will have a minimum best pace called a pace cut. The pace cuts and corresponding corral letter assignments are listed in the chart below. Each race bib will include a baggage tag and a medical tag. The medical tag will be used in the event of an emergency; please do not remove it from your bib. Please also remember to fill out the important medical information on the back of the bib.

Pace Cuts

  First Time Last Time
AA-Men --- 5:04
AA-Women --- 6:19
A 6:20 6:29
A-Men 5:05 6:29
B 6:30 7:04
C 7:05 7:34
D 7:35 7:54
E 7:55 8:14
F 8:15 8:34
G 8:35 8:57
H 8:58 9:19
I 9:20 9:49
J 9:50 10:14
K 10:15 11:29
L 11:30 ---

Please note corral assignments for our premier events including the TCS New York City Marathon, the United Airlines NYC Half, and the Popular Brooklyn Half will differ from the above pace cuts due to the larger field sizes.