Last Updated: Jul 03, 2018 02:22PM EST

How is my "Best Pace" determined?

When you're registering for an NYRR race, you'll be asked to enter your projected pace for the race. This information is used to correctly seed the starting corrals.

A runner's "Best Pace" will be determined using standardized factors that normalize a time run at any distance to an equivalent 10K time. This will allow each runner’s true best performance to be used for corral placement and eliminate any tendency toward rewarding runners who specialize in running shorter distances (which can be run at faster paces) over those who specialize in running longer distances (which are run at slower paces).

The factors in the chart below will be utilized to convert times run at various distances to equivalent 10K times to establish a calculated best pace. Each runner’s calculated best pace will come from NYRR events completed in the past 12 months. For runners who haven’t finished a race in the past 12 months, we’ll use the most recent pace in the past two years. Runners who haven’t finished a race in that time period will input their expected pace. You can check your converted time using this online calculator.

Distance (Factor)
5K (x2.09)
4 miles (x1.60)
8K (x1.27)
5 miles (x1.26)
10K (x1.00)
12K (x0.82)
15K (x0.65)
10 miles (x0.60)
20K (x0.48)
Half-Marathon (x0.45)
25K (x0.38)
30K (x0.31)
20 miles (x0.29)
Marathon (x0.22)
The calculations found on these non-NYRR web pages are provided by their site’s owner for information purposes only and may not reflect the actual calculations used by NYRR in determining your best pace. NYRR assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in these non-NYRR web pages.