Last Updated: Jan 13, 2020 10:27AM EST

Is there a bag check at the races?

For most races, your race number (bib) includes a bag-check tag. If you wish to check a bag on race day, you must remove the tag and pin it to your own clear, reusable bag, an NYRR clear, reusable bag, or a clear bag provided at bib pickup. If you opt for the sustainable option and bring your own clear, reusable plastic bag, it must be 17" wide x 20" high x 4" deep or smaller. Bag check is organized by bib number. Typically the bag check is located in Race-Day Central, indicated on the race's course map. Bag check opens approximately 90 minutes before the start of the race and typically ends at about the time calculated by a race pace of 15 minutes per mile. Unclaimed bags are returned to the NYRR offices for pickup, typically starting the Tuesday after weekend races.

Enhanced Security Measures

As part of our ongoing focus on your safety, and in partnership with the NYPD and the Parks Department, we’ve implemented enhanced bag-check and security measures. We ask for your full cooperation in order to avoid any interruption of the day’s events. Please consider not bringing a bag to check on race day. If you must bring a bag, please allow extra time for bag check and security.

  • To check a bag at the race, obtain a clear drawstring bag at number pickup or at the bag-check area on race day. You'll need to transfer all contents into this clear drawstring bag.
  • Attach the bag-check label found your race number to the bag to identify it. If you do not have a bag-check tag, a blank label will be available at the bag-check area on race day.
  • You may not put full backpacks or personal bags inside the clear bag. All checked items must fit inside the clear bag.
  • Check your bag by handing it to an NYRR staff member at your bib range in the bag-check area. Runners may not enter the bib ranges in the bag-check area.
  • NYRR and the NYPD reserve the right to search any bag at any time, both within and outside the bag-check area.
  • No hydration packs will be permitted in the start corrals or along the course. Small pouches/belts will be permitted.
  • Any bag left unattended in the event area will be confiscated by NYPD and could cause an interruption to the day's events.
  • NYRR and NYPD reserve the right to search a bag at any time.
  • Runners are subject to security screenings at our toilet locations.