Last Updated: Oct 06, 2016 10:13AM EST

Timing of NYRR Races

All NYRR scored races are timed using the ChronoTrack timing system. Your timing tag is a part of the bib number, which must be worn on your torso, pinned to your outer layer of clothing. Bibs must be fully visible at all times (not cut, folded, or obscured). Runners who run the race without their bib properly attached and displayed risk not having their finish time and split times recorded and not being listed in the results and/or not receiving 9+1 credit for finishing the race.

NYRR road races use net timing*, wherein each runner is timed from when he/she crosses the start line. 

*Note: Net times are not used in cross country races, nor are they used to determine overall winners in races. In both cases, gun time is used instead.