Last Updated: Feb 16, 2017 01:21PM EST

Guidelines for Kids' Races

Kids' races are often held in conjunction with our weekly races. Use the Races and Events page to find which of our races have kids' races.

In cases of inclement weather, kids' races may be canceled, even when the adult race proceeds normally. Please refer to the race web page and social media for any updates.


Step 1: At Registration

Each child's race bib comes with two claim tags, located on the bottom of the bib (see sample), with numbers that match your child’s bib number.

Step 2: Before the Start of the Race

Attach the race bib to the front of the outermost layer of your child's clothing. Tear off the claim tags along the perforated line and hold on to them. The parent or guardian responsible for meeting the child after the race will need the matching tag in order to claim the child.

Step 3: At the Finish

The parent or guardian responsible for retrieving the child must present a claim tag at the post-finish reunion area in order to be matched up with the child. Children will not be released to adults who do not present the appropriate claim tag.


Can I run with my child?

NYRR allows one parent or guardian to run with children ages 2 to 4.The guardian running with a child should stay to the side or the rear of the pack (allowing those children running alone to have a clear course).

Can I run with  my child who is older than 4?

Please speak to the Kids’ Race Captain at the start line before the start of the race. NYRR understands that there may be reasons why a guardian wants to run with a child older than 4. NYRR will work with the guardian to figure out a solution prior to race start time.

If I am running with my 2–4-year-old, can I run with a stroller? Can I run with a dog?

For the safety of all participants and to satisfy insurance requirements, no strollers or animals are permitted in NYRR events.

Can my younger child run in my older child’s division? Can my older child run in my younger child’s division?

For the safety of all participants, NYRR recommends that children run in their appropriate age divisions.

In what order do the races start? What are the divisions?

Races will be sent off in the following order:

Heat 1 - Girls age 2 Heat 7 - Girls ages 7–9
Heat 2 - Boys age 2 Heat 8 - Boys ages 7–9
Heat 3 - Girls ages 3–4 Heat 9 - Girls ages 10–12
Heat 4 - Boys ages 3–4 Heat 10 - Boys ages 10–12
Heat 5 - Girls ages 5–6  
Heat 6 - Boys ages 5–6  

Over what distances are the races run?

Races are held over distances appropriate for each group, as follows:

Age Group Race Distance (Approx.)
Age 2 50 Feet
Age 3-4 150 Feet
Age 5-6 300 Feet
Age 7-9 400 Feet
Age 10-12 500 Feet



‚ÄčNOTE: Above groups may be further broken down based on participant numbers.

Where are the start lines? When should I arrive? Where is the best place to watch my child run?

Start lines, designated by age-group signage, will open 15 minutes prior to the first race. NYRR recommends that one parent or guardian stay with the child up until the Kids' Race Captain gives final instructions for their race. Make sure to have your child’s "claim" tag before the race begins. During the race, position yourself along the course, being sure to stay behind the delineation,or in the post-finish reunion area.