Last Updated: Oct 23, 2015 10:04AM EST

Volunteering DO's and DON'Ts

We put together the following lists of helpful advice for our volunteers.

Volunteer DO's

  • Store the NYRR Medical Emergency Number in your phone: 1-866-705-6626.
  • Know who your marshal captain is, and have his or her phone number stored in your phone in case of an emergency.
  • Report any incidents to your marshal captain as soon as possible. Safety is our number-one priority.
  • Pay attention to the road: Be aware of bikers, runners, pedestrians, pedicabs, taxis, and trucks around you.
  • Watch out for people who defecate or urinate in the open. Document their race numbers.
  • Look for people racing with jogging strollers. Document their race numbers.
  • Keep an eye out for people racing on roller blades. Document their race numbers.
  • Be wary of runners using multiple D- or B-Tags; cheaters have no place in NYRR events!
  • Clap, cheer, shout, and support all runners! Feel free to bring cowbells, tambourines, and/or other non-amplified noisemakers.
  • Make sure cones and delineators are in the proper places before and after the race; your marshal captain will direct you in their proper placement.
  • Pick up any gel packs/cups/garbage left behind by runners; we need to respect the park and all its patrons by leaving the race area clean.
  • Volunteer more than once! Without your support, our amazing races would not be possible.
  • Bring a friend, and come support your fellow runners!

Volunteer DON'Ts

  • Don't text or use your cell phone for non-race purposes
  • Don't listen to your iPod—and put down that book while you're marshaling
  • Don't leave your volunteer post without first informing your marshal captain.
  • Don't poke the bear! If you encounter wildlife, do not engage.
  • Don't leave until you're volunteering is complete —you won't receive your volunteer credit unless your marshal captain checks you out.
  • Don't confront a runner. If you see someone doing something inappropriate, take down the runner's bib number and report the incident to your marshal captain immediately.
  • Don't call 911 unless it’s a dire emergency; our emergency medical team and staff are able to respond much more quickly, as they are already in the park. For injuries, call 1-866-705-6626; station yourself to protect the injured runner from oncoming traffic and raise your emergency card over your head.
  • Don't bring your children or pets along for your volunteer assignment; we require your full attention when you're on the course, and safety is our number-one priority
  • Don't speak on behalf of NYRR, but you may talk about your own experiences as a runner if you're approached by a member of the media